Nationwide, the typical homeowner lives in their home for about 7 years before selling. There are some reasons to sell a home. Either the homeowner likes to move up to bigger home or better neighborhood. Sometime the homeowner like to downsize for better cost of livings or children moving out, transfer jobs…
First step to prepare to put the house on market, the homeowner may needs to contact an experienced real estate agent. United Homeland Realty is owned by Broker with more than 20 year experience in this profession. We specialize in residential, commercial and property management. We will charge homeowner lesser than 6% commission that other real estate companies normally charge homeowners.
We will go to your house to look at every corner of the house and give you advices how to prepare your house to show to potential buyers.
A clean good looking house is always sell better than a dirty bad looking house. So you would be better if you spend some money to repair clean painting touch up your house before showing. A few thousands of dollars spend at this step may bring back $10000 or $20000 more in the selling price. Not many buyers know how or willing to fix a dirty bad looking house.

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